(SHP) Shapefile of Global Climatic Zone

A few months ago I stumbled a question on .

 The question read:

Have been looking around a bit for a shapefile/kml/etc file of global climatic zones (as listed here: — temperature, subtropical, tropical, etcetera.

Also would be very pleased to find gis overlays detailing photoperiod areas, that sort of thing? An online GIS service would be fine for this as well for this, as long as its a real GIS with aerial overlays etc, not a plane paper PDF deal, which is about all I can find.

One promising (but dead link) source I found before posting question:

Although the question had been asked almost a year and a half ago, there’s no answer yet and the best answer was a reference to a raster file on the Climate Change & Infectious Diseases Group website

So, I downloaded the raster file, converted it to a shapefile and now I’m making it available for everyone.

Download shapefiles

Inkscape for Beginners

In 2018, I successfully organised a free Inkscape for beginners course.

My advice is to watch every video in this course. Please don’t skip any video, I guarantee you that you will be creating your own graphic designs with Inkscape in a week to a month (depending on your pace of watching this course). Finally, I encourage you to practice whatever I mention in each video.

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principles of design

Principles of Design

If it feels like your designs are always stabbing the eyes, well, you might be right. I’ve been there before. All big designers have, too.

One way to change that? Learning the principles of design. Particularly for people who do not have a natural sense-organ for beautiful designs, coming up with a beautiful design can be a daunting task.

So, we’ve put together the fundamental principles of design that graphic designers, artists, web designers, cartographers and all design related folks will need in all their designs. These are principles that have not only been tested by experts, but we have also tested ourselves, and have found useful to always keep in mind when designing anything ‘designable’.

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