At GeoAfrikana Consulting, our goal is to provide cutting-edge spatial solutions. We cover everything GIS; desktop GIS, spatial data science, web GIS and spatial databases.

We believe that humans compliment one another. So, there are tasks that you’re best at doing yourself and there are tasks that experts like us are best at doing.

We believe that with the right spatial consultant, you can reach more accurate conclusions in your research and make more guided decisions for your business.

Bio Stuff: Why GeoAfrikana?

My name is Olagunju Nasiru Adebayo. I represent GeoAfrikana Consulting.

I’ve always loved geography, travelling and maps from my childhood. However, the GeoAfrikana story begins back in 2017 when I created a blog to discuss the geography of Africa. After writing my first article -in which I discussed the geography of Africa- I needed a map to give my writing some life. I didn’t know how to make maps. I felt bad for myself, a geography graduate.

Then I started to search for map making software and tutorials. I stumbled upon QGIS on YouTube and the journey began. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with QGIS software. This came with a set of challenges: PDFs and videos of QGIS2 tutorials were becoming irrelevant due to the release of QGIS3. However with perseverance I soon gained confidence and proficiency in the software.

Since then it has been growth after growth. I explored and conquered different areas of GIS analysis and development including ESRI tools, the FOSS4G stack, spatial data science, Machine learning, data structures and algorithms, Fullstack GIS web development.

Today, I have worked on enterprise projects including a world bank project and state government project. I have also helped numerous researchers in solving the spatial aspects of their research problems. Let alone the dozens of personal projects I have done.

I All of this has been made possible by the mercy of God then genuine passion I have for solving problems, as well as a never-ending curiosity to learn more and more about locations and how they relate and connect.

Today, I no longer discuss general geography, I only discuss spatial topics and what relates to them.

Ready To Get Your Spatial Need Fulfilled?

Tell me a little more about your needs by stopping by my contact page. Be as brief or descriptive as you’d like, but keep in mind that the more information I have, the better of a job I can do. Once submitted, I will be in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss your project further and how I intend to help you.